Friday the 13th The Game Is An Amazing Experience

Kotaku’s review got me grumpy to be honest with you. It just doesn’t seem like she played the game correctly. I did, and I played it most of the weekend. I’m not much of a writer, but I feel that you need to see the game from a perspective of someone that invested time into it.

Sure, it was hard to get into a game day one.. that was frustrating.. but holy hell.. when I did get into a game.. what a rush!!!


This game did an amazing job of capturing that feel that I had when I was a kid watching the Friday the 13th movie for the first time. The panic, the fear, the gasps of relief are all there, in every one of the sessions I’ve been in.

I’ve been in situations where no one had a mic but me, but anyone that was near me that heard me talk was willing to come over and grab that gas can to put into the car, or come get this axe.. etc.

I’ve been so close to escaping to the cops and then was caught at the very last minute by Jason who crushed my hope and head.


I’ve died at the beginning of the match, and felt the exhilaration of watching the other players be picked off one by one by Jason.. and then a crazy last minute escape by a player that we all thought was a goner.

And then.. there’s being Jason...
When playing as Jason, you get certain powers that builds up as the time progresses..
You start off with being able to jump to anywhere on the map. Then after about 3-4 minutes, you get the ability to sense the other players, then a difficult to handle warping mode (which leads to some Oh so close catches).


Finally, after enough time has gone by in the game and it’s time to start finding those pesky hiding counselors... you get to be the most Jason that you can be. Rage mode Jason. Rage mode Jason can knock down those doors with one kick (instead of 3-4 chops on the door), and has all of his special powers regenerate faster. However, in that room with 6 beds.. you don’t really know which one the counselor is under.. and he/she may just slip away without you even knowing .

The best part about being Jason is coming close to a group of counselors that are mic’ed (sp?), and hearing them all yell to each other what they should do.. and then the most fun.. hearing someone react as you reach out and unexpectedly grab them.


This is one of the most exciting and invigorating games that I’ve ever played. It has somehow managed to pull me away from Player Unknown Battlegrounds.

Some of my favorite moments from the first night

Sure right now, there is a server wait to find a session.. but I will tell you what, it’s one of the few games that I would gladly wait for a session, due to how enjoyable the experience is.


I’ve already gotten my money’s worth out of the game.. but I’m no where even close to stopping. Private matches are just as fun with 4 or more people. And when the servers are up and going even better, and the bugs are sorted out, it’ll just be the icing on the cake.

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